The bright green of its meadows, its streams, the high pastures with the cozy huts, shelters, trails at the edge of the woods and Paneveggio Park, take the visitor into the wonderful world of the Dolomites, heritage of UNESCO, considered the most beautiful mountains in the world.


Hiking and Trekking

Walks on gentle slopes, between green pastures and alpine lakes or venture on the boldest ascents in the company of an Alpine Guide. On your way you can give yourself a refreshing break in one of the many shelters.

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and Downhill

Discover the thrill of knowing and exploring the mountain by mountain bike.
Grassy and rocky trails for all tastes, including the enduro between parabolic and breathtaking wall ride at the San Martino Bike Arena.

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and Canyoning

For high-adrenaline activities lovers, but safely with mountain guides, canyoning. Down along the streams, to discover spectacular corners otherwise inaccessible, swimming in crystal clear water from puddles and letting the current carry you along natural slides.

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Go Kart

For those who want to experience the thrill of riding sports or challenge friends having fun on board of a Go Kart single and double, surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Lagorai and the Pale di San Martino di Castrozza. None excluded! Ages up to 8.

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Agility forest

The Adventure Park is a collection of acrobatic suspended rutes between the trees, a place of entertainment for children, youth and adults. In addition to healthy recreation it lends itself to experimentation of the physical and mental abilities of each, giving the opportunity for all, to discover new forms of movement.

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pick mushrooms

Walking in the Woods is also an opportunity to pick mushrooms, then to cook for a fragrant and tasty dinner. There are some rules to follow to avoid unpleasant situations or even dangerous. Ask us information, we organize trips upon request.

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Trekking Golf

San Martino di Castrozza, since few years, has launched the first Italian “trekkingolf”  in the spectacular Pale of San Martino. In the nature of the Paneveggio Park, “you go in the hole” following the paths as a traditional excursion, with normal hiking boots.

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Park Paneveggio

The intact and colorful environment that characterizes it is given by the intense green of the ancient forests, the most lively of the meadows, the pink of the Pale di San Martino, the dark red of the Lagorai rocks and even the blue of the lakes and the fawn of the deer””””s mantles.
Come and find out!

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